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Music Mind Games : Unit 1 /Book
Artnr: MMG-BOOK1
Kategori: Music Mind 20% rab
Kombination : MMG/Bok

Pris: 550,00 kr

Michiko Yurko - grundaren av Music Mind Games - har här samlat material från åren 2010-2020 i en sprillans ny bok!

Music Mind Games Unit 1 is the result of 58 Unit 1 Course Booklets written for teacher training workshops between 2010 and 2020.

For teachers and parents
100 Unit 1 games with previews of Unit 2 games
25 pages of philosophy
Over 750 photographs and original graphics
13 original scores
Teaching, Memory, Classic, Solitaire, and Review Games
Game subjects: Dictation and Sight-Singing, Alphabet and Intervals, Reading Rhythms, Rhythm Math, Staff and Notes, Tempos, Music Symbols, Scales and Key Signatures, Triads and Chords, Musopoly

Although the concepts in this book were created during pre-pandemic years, the games can easily be adapted for all situations, including virtual lessons and classes as well as individual play.