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Grand Staff Cards
Artnr: MMG-GSC1
Kategori: Music Mind 20% rab
Kombination : MMG/Separata art.

Pris: 240,00 kr

The grand staff is slightly modified so the space between the two clefs is only enough for the three notes found between the clefs: B, middle C, and D. This makes it easier for students to learn the relationship between the two staves.

Bass, alto and treble clefs together on one staff

Open strings on the violin, viola, cello and bass

Treble clef with notes originating from G

Bass clef with notes originating from F

Alto clef with notes originating from C

Symmetrical arrangement of the C notes

Octave placement for each note A, B, C, D, E, F and G (notes are not labeled)

19 Treble clef grand staff cards
19 Bass clef grand staff cards
Cards are 5.5 inches (14 cm) tall and 2.5 inches (7 cm) wide.
Open strings for violen, viola, cello and bass
13 guide cards with tips and instructions
Instructions to play the game "Find the C's"